"Jianshi dynamic" 2018 Westinghouse is not only the whole house intelligent, but also the only "house" in awe!

Time: March 8, 2019 source: Jianshi home

On March 8-11, awe, a grand gathering of global home appliances and consumer electronics industry, kicked off in Shanghai. It immediately attracted the attention and praise of the on-site audience and the media at home and abroad, bringing a feast of science and technology!   In this awe, smart home has become the main trend of the industry. As an annual feast of home appliances, all business divisions of Westinghouse have made great efforts in product perception, VR interaction, new technology display, etc., so as to expand brand publicity. In this exhibition, we will focus on the experience of intelligent and health care sectors, such as intelligent bathroom, intelligent kitchen and electricity, health care, etc.

When it comes to smart home, as a global enterprise, Westinghouse has brought a complete set of smart solutions to the awe exhibition. Based on the open ecosystem and connected with the Internet of things, it creates a real smart home for users from the smart kitchen, smart medical and other ecosystems such as air, water, food, medical and health.

Driven by the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other new technologies, Westinghouse has entered an unprecedented era of connectivity in the consumer electronics industry. With the trend of intelligence in recent years, household electrical appliances began to move towards the road of transformation, evolving from the original functional products to intelligent products, and then upgrading to smart homes. Electrical appliances are interconnected, collaborative and structured Become a complete set of home life solutions. In awe exhibition, it has always been the vane of new products and technologies in the field of science and technology every year. Westinghouse has witnessed the development footprint of global electronic technology. This year, we will continue to strive for the concept of smart home. The smart home appliances launched are no longer just a list of single products, but a complete set of smart home solutions will be presented to consumers, depicting a beautiful picture of future life to the world.

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