Brand story

Zhejiang Jianshi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with excellent R&D capability, sales ability and brand operation capability as the core of competition.

Based on health

Andrea Zanussi, the founder of ZNC, a young Italian molecular material scholar, met Oliviero Niccoli, a well-known electrician in the UK, who persuaded Mr. Nicole, hope Under his patronage, he industrialized a patented technology for air filtration materials that he had been studying for many years. In the context of the industrialization process that caused the whole of Europe to fall into serious air pollution, the two hit it off and then jointly created Zanussi. Zanussi Niccoli Company. At the beginning of the company, Mr. Zanussi took the company's English abbreviation ZNC as the company's trademark, and personally drew ZNC's iconic trademark icon - a cross shield combined with the guardian helmet pattern, and proposed "continuous technology" The company philosophy of “Innovation, Being a Human Health Guardian”, ZNC’s trademark image and business philosophy have been passed down to the present and have never changed in the past 100 years.

Health guardian of human life

The ZNC brand is derived from the company's name ZANUSSI NICCOLI COMPANY. The brand logo uses a cross-shield and guardian helmet pattern, which symbolizes ZNC's core philosophy of being a health guard in human health and family health.

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